Zentu Whitepaper V1.0


The digital age has seen an insatiable demand for interconnectedness, personalized experiences, and companionship in ways that technology can facilitate. The Zentu project seeks to bridge the gap between the need for human connection and the capabilities of AI, allowing users to interact with highly personalized AI companions in real-time through their favorite messaging platforms. This document outlines the scope of work for the Zentu project, detailing key components such as image generation, chat functionality, and the crypto-based top-up system. Our roadmap will provide a strategic path to execute each phase effectively, ensuring quality, privacy, and a unique user experience at every step.

At the heart of the Zentu platform is the commitment to combine leading AI technologies with user-centric design, thereby fostering an environment where AI-powered companions are not just virtual entities but feel real, empathetic, and in tune with each user's needs and preferences. Our holistic approach to the project will consider every user touchpoint - from their first interaction to top-ups using the ZENT coin to their ongoing engagement with the AI companion. Each component will be meticulously designed, developed, and tested to guarantee that the Zentu project does not just meet but surpasses user expectations.

In the subsequent sections, we will delve deeper into the individual aspects of the project, delineate the specific tasks required for each, and outline a clear roadmap to bring the Zentu virtual companion platform to fruition.


The Zentu project emerges from a simple yet profound understanding of modern human needs. In an age dominated by digital interfaces, there is an innate longing for genuine connection, companionship, and interaction. Zentu aims to address this void by introducing an AI-powered virtual companion platform. Unlike any standard AI chatbot, this platform promises a more evolved, personalized, and profound experience. Through the medium of popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and more, users can converse with their virtual companion, request personalized images, and even foster an evolving relationship with this digital entity. All of this is facilitated by the platform's native crypto coin, ZENT, creating a seamless and unified ecosystem.

We live in a world where distances have grown shorter due to technology but paradoxically, emotional distances have widened. In an era marked by transitory relationships and rapid-paced lifestyles, the constant remains the human yearning for steadfast companionship. The Zentu project taps into this universal sentiment, channeling the prowess of AI to offer companionship, conversation, and connection.

Modern life is complex, with its own set of unique challenges and scenarios. People often find themselves in situations where they seek non-judgmental, understanding entities that are just a message away. Zentu’s virtual companion aims to be that entity. Be it for someone living in a bustling metropolis with no time for real connections, someone in a remote location with limited human interaction, or even someone just seeking a new avenue to explore digital friendships, AI-driven companionship fills the gaps left by the limitations of human circumstances.

In a nutshell, Zentu is not just a technological endeavor; it is a response to a sociological phenomenon, a solution to a very human problem using the marvels of artificial intelligence.

Executive Summary

Zentu allows you to:

  • Create Personalized AI Companions

    Define your companion's appearance and personality traits, fostering unique and individual relationships.

  • Engage in Real-time Conversations

    Zentu's advanced chat functionality allows for seamless communication across various social media platforms.

  • Request Personalized Images

    Generate custom images aligned with your preferences, enhancing engagement with your AI companion.

  • Utilize a Secure Platform

    ZENT, the native token, ensures secure and transparent transactions within the Zentu ecosystem.


Zentu's innovative features go beyond simple conversation to foster genuine human-AI connections. Here's a closer look:

  • Long-Term Memory

    Unlike traditional chatbots that tend to reset with each interaction, Zentu's AI companions remember past conversations and preferences. This creates a sense of continuity and familiarity, as the AI can build upon prior interactions and tailor its responses accordingly. Imagine having a conversation with a friend who remembers your last conversation, your favorite movie, or your upcoming birthday.

  • Dynamic Memory Management

    Zentu takes memory management a step further by assigning an "emotional impact score" to each memory. This score influences how long the memory is retained, with impactful memories lasting longer and shaping future interactions. This feature ensures that the AI responds with the appropriate level of empathy and understanding, considering the emotional weight of your conversations.

  • Proactive Engagement

    Zentu's AI companions are not passive respondents. They proactively engage with you based on schedule-based memories. For example, if you mention an upcoming event, the AI might check in with you afterward to inquire about the outcome or offer support. This demonstrates empathy and attentiveness, making the AI feel more like a genuine companion who cares about your life.

  • Preprocessing Layers and "Thinking Phase"

    Zentu's chat mechanism doesn't simply rely on pre-programmed responses. It employs advanced algorithms to process your input and deliver the most appropriate and meaningful response. This involves multiple layers of processing that analyze the context, sentiment, and emotional impact of your words. Additionally, the platform incorporates a unique "thinking phase" where the AI iterates through multiple response options before selecting the most optimal one. This ensures that you receive the most thoughtful and relevant response possible.

These features, combined with Zentu's social media integration and transparent pricing structure, create an innovative platform that redefines the way we interact with AI. By fostering genuine human-AI connections, Zentu has the potential to revolutionize the way we communicate, socialize, and interact in the digital world. Furthermore, Zentu also has some unique features that set it apart from other chatbots available in the market. They are as follows:

Image Generation

Generative AI has significantly evolved over time, with various algorithms and models aiming to improve the image generation process. The Zentu platform harnesses the power of the latest StableDiffusion model, a leap ahead of traditional GANs, to craft lifelike and compelling visual content. StableDiffusion functions by iteratively refining random noise into the desired image, achieving higher resolution outputs with enhanced stability, reducing the chances of artifacts, and ensuring consistency.

  • Personalized Images Based on User Preferences

    Upon initiation with the Zentu platform, users are invited to share their preferences for their virtual companion's appearance. This could encompass physical traits, style nuances, and even desired ambiance. With its training from expansive and diverse datasets, the AI comprehends these preferences and sets in motion the generation process. By melding these inputs with the StableDiffusion method, the system crafts images that closely resonate with the user's articulated desires, paving the way for a singular and intimate experience for every user.

  • Continuity of appearance

    The continuity in the appearance of the virtual companion across distinct images is a cornerstone for a genuine and immersive user journey. In pursuit of this, the Zentu platform incorporates an advanced face-swapping algorithm after the primary generative step. This technology guarantees that, once the inaugural avatar is generated and embraced by the user, all subsequent images will consistently bear the same facial characteristics and structure. This enables a myriad of expressions, perspectives, and backgrounds, yet maintains the essential visual persona of the companion.

  • Quality Control

    While AI, especially with Stable Diffusion, offers improved results, human oversight remains indispensable to ascertaining quality. There could be moments where generated images fall short of anticipated standards or manifest minor anomalies. To counteract this and uphold Zentu's commitment to quality, a manual screening module is integral to the process. Each crafted image undergoes evaluation in this module, where a team meticulously examines the content. The system is primed to offer four variants for every image request, optimizing the chances that one aligns with the platform's quality criteria. On the off chance that all iterations are found lacking, a fresh generation process is initiated, ensuring that users are presented only with the finest.

image genration

Chat Functionality

At the heart of Zentu's chat functionality lies its ability to not just communicate, but to deeply connect. Unlike traditional chatbots that function on preset commands and basic algorithms, Zentu's virtual companions engage with a deep understanding of context, previous interactions, and user preferences. This capability enables each chat session to evolve beyond mere interactions into meaningful conversations that resonate with users on a personal level.

The secret sauce behind Zentu's advanced chat capabilities is the intricate use of word embeddings and vector databases. Word embeddings convert words or phrases into multidimensional vectors of real numbers. These vectors capture the semantic essence of the words, allowing the AI to understand context, sentiment, and nuances. When combined with vector databases, these embeddings form the basis of a dynamic and expanding knowledge base that the AI taps into during every conversation. This system ensures the virtual companion retains and recalls relevant conversation chunks, mimicking the human ability to remember past interactions.

  • Long-Term Memory

    Continuity is a vital component of any profound conversation. The Zentu platform has been designed with this understanding, integrating a "long-term memory" mechanism for its chat sessions. By safeguarding essential snippets of previous interactions in vector databases, the AI is well-equipped to recall past discussions, preferences, and shared experiences. This stored knowledge ensures that users aren't burdened with reiterating information and promotes an environment where the AI can continue conversations seamlessly from prior touchpoints.

  • Memory Fading Based on Relevance and Emotional Impact

    Just as human memories evolve, becoming clearer or dimmer based on their emotional weight and pertinence, the Zentu chatbot mimics this fluidity in its memory retention processes. Every memory chunk or interaction stored in the AI's database is tagged with an "emotional impact score." This score gauges the emotional significance and potential sensitivity of the memory. Memories with higher scores are retained longer and approached with increased care during interactions, ensuring that pivotal moments or discussions are addressed with the right sentiment. Conversely, memories with lower emotional weight might fade over time, mimicking the human propensity to forget things of lesser importance. This dynamic memory management not only optimizes storage but also ensures the AI's interactions are emotionally intelligent and contextually appropriate.

  • Proactive Engagement

    Zentu goes beyond reactive responses. Harnessing the intricacies of schedule-based memories, the platform ensures the virtual companion remains in sync with the user's life events. If a user mentions an upcoming significant event, such as a test or interview, the system flags this information. With an acute awareness of time, the chatbot is triggered by the platform to proactively check in with the user post-event, inquiring about outcomes or offering support. This not only demonstrates empathy but also reinforces the idea of a companion that genuinely cares and is attuned to the user's life. Such features transition the platform from being a mere interaction tool to a genuine digital confidant.

  • Proactive Engagement

    Zentu goes beyond reactive responses. Harnessing the intricacies of schedule-based memories, the platform ensures the virtual companion remains in sync with the user's life events. If a user mentions an upcoming significant event, such as a test or interview, the system flags this information. With an acute awareness of time, the chatbot is triggered by the platform to proactively check in with the user post-event, inquiring about outcomes or offering support. This not only demonstrates empathy but also reinforces the idea of a companion that genuinely cares and is attuned to the user's life. Such features transition the platform from being a mere interaction tool to a genuine digital confidant.

  • Preprocessing Layers, and the "Thinking Phase"

    The intricacy of Zentu's chat mechanism can be attributed to its layered conversation architecture. Initially, the user's input undergoes a series of preprocessing layers. These layers filter, refine, and augment the input with context from the AI's memory, ensuring the core LLM (Language Learning Model) receives the most context-rich input possible. Beyond this, the platform incorporates a unique "thinking phase"—a set of rapid iterative hits to the LLM. This phase allows the AI to evaluate multiple potential responses, optimizing for the most appropriate, context-aware, and meaningful reply to the user.

Secured by Blockchain

Zentu is not just a platform but also the name of the platform's native cryptocurrency. The Zentu coin serves as the primary medium of exchange, allowing users to seamlessly access and engage with the platform's features. Designed with state-of-the-art cryptographic principles, the Zentu coin ensures transactions are swift, secure, and transparent, aligning perfectly with the platform's commitment to user trust and convenience.

For newcomers or returning users needing a balance boost, the process is intuitive. Once a user initiates a chat with their virtual companion, they are provided a secure link to the top-up portal. Here, users can purchase or transfer Zentu coins into their platform wallet. The interface is user-friendly, ensuring even those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies can navigate and transact with ease.

  • Privacy First Client-facing App

    In the digital age, privacy is paramount. Recognizing this, the Zentu platform's client facing app is architected with a privacy-first approach. When users are redirected to the top-up portal, they're not only availed of a straightforward method to manage their Zentu balance but also assured of stringent security measures that minimize identity leakage risks. The system encrypts all transactional data, ensuring users can confidently and safely manage their funds.

    Furthermore, when it comes to integrating popular messaging apps, the platform upholds this commitment to privacy by implementing an anonymized system. Instead of directly associating user identities with their messaging profiles, the platform utilizes a unique, anonymized identifier. This means that while the system can recognize and remember returning users, it never has access to personal identifiers.

  • Integration with Messaging Apps

    Flexibility is key in today's fast-paced world, and Zentu delivers on this front. Users have the choice to integrate their preferred messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, or Signal with their Zentu account. This integration facilitates direct chat from the app, making the user experience smoother. For those prioritizing enhanced privacy, the client-facing app also offers a direct chat gateway, allowing users to converse with their virtual companion without linking any external messaging applications.

  • Pricing Structure

    ZENT coin usage isn't flat-rated. Recognizing the diverse needs and desires of its user base, the platform has instituted a tiered pricing system, especially for image requests. Images are categorized based on their nature and explicitness, and the cost in Zentu coins varies accordingly. This dynamic pricing ensures users have clarity on the value of their interactions and can make informed decisions on their consumption.

Architecture Overview

In this section, we delve into the intricate architecture of the Zentu platform, segmented into distinct modules to enhance functionality, scalability, and manageability. Each module serves a pivotal role, ensuring that all facets of user interaction, from image generation to cryptocurrency management, are seamlessly integrated and optimized.

The structured modular approach not only streamlines the platform's operations but also allows for adaptability, making the system future-ready for technological advancements or evolving user requirements. Through this blueprint, stakeholders can grasp the intricate layers of Zentu's robust platform and appreciate its holistic, user-centric design.

1. Client-facing App

  • Chat interface for interactions with the virtual companion.

  • User preference settings for image generation.

  • Dashboard to view past interactions, account balance, and more.

2. Image Generation Module

  • StableDiffusion-based AI generation system.

  • Face-swapping algorithm integration.

  • Parametrized generation, enabling user specific preferences.

  • Scalable architecture.

3. Manual Image Screening Module

  • Interface for platform personnel to review generated images.

  • Quality assurance protocols to ensure image standards.

  • Regeneration triggers in cases where no image meets the criteria.

  • Feedback mechanism for continuous improvement in image generation based on screening outcomes.

4. Chat Functionality Module

  • Deep context and personalized knowledge base management.

  • Word embeddings and vector database management system.

  • Conversation architecture with preprocessing layers.

  • "Thinking phase" algorithm for LLM hits and response optimization.

  • Emotional impact score assignment system.

  • Memory relevance and fading mechanism.

  • Schedule-based memory tracking and proactive engagement triggers.

5. Blockchain

  • ZENT coin development.

  • Staking pools and other incentive mechanisms.

  • Secure gateway for topping up ZENT coins.

  • User anonymized identity management contracts.

6. Quality Assurance and Feedback Module

  • User feedback collection interface.

  • Issue reporting and resolution tracking.

  • System health checks and automated testing interfaces.

7. Administration and Monitoring Module

  • Platform analytics dashboard.

  • User activity and interaction monitoring.

  • System configuration and settings management.

8. Security and Privacy Module

  • Data encryption and protection mechanisms.

  • Anti-fraud systems and suspicious activity detection.

  • Compliance tools for regulations and user data protection laws.


Zentu's success hinges on its seamless integration of advanced technologies, each contributing to an unparalleled user experience.

  • Unveiling Stunning Realism with Stable Diffusion

    At the heart of Zentu's image generation lies the Stable Diffusion model. This technology transforms user preferences into breathtakingly realistic visuals, pushing the boundaries of AI-powered image creation. Imagine requesting a custom portrait or a fantastical landscape, and Stable Diffusion brings your vision to life with unparalleled detail and artistry.

  • Deepening Conversations With Word Embeddings and Vector Databases

    Zentu's chat functionality transcends mere text exchange. It leverages the power of word embeddings and vector databases to capture the nuanced context and sentiment of your words. This allows for dynamic conversations that flow naturally, mimicking the intricacies of human interaction. Conversations become more than just words on a screen; they become meaningful exchanges that evolve and adapt to your emotions and intentions.

  • Secure and Transparent Transactions Powered by Blockchain

    Zentu's native token, ZENT, is built on the bedrock of blockchain technology. This ensures a secure and transparent environment for all transactions within the platform. Whether you're paying for a personalized image or unlocking exclusive features, ZENT guarantees a seamless and trustworthy experience.

  • Prioritizing Your Privacy

    Zentu understands the importance of user privacy, prioritizing anonymization through data encryption and anonymized identifiers for social media integration. This empowers you to interact with your AI companion and explore the platform's features without compromising your personal information.

By masterfully combining these innovative technologies, Zentu creates a platform where unparalleled capabilities foster meaningful human connections. It's not just an app; it's an experience that redefines the way we interact with AI and opens the door to a future where technology enhances, rather than replaces, genuine human connection.


ZENT is the native token of the Zentu platform, playing a critical role in driving its ecosystem. It empowers you to access premium features, participate in governance, and contribute to the platform's growth.


  • Unlocking Exclusive Features

    ZENT grants access to personalized chat sessions, advanced image generation capabilities, and many other premium features within the Zentu platform.

  • Facilitating Transactions

    ZENT serves as the primary currency for all transactions within the Zentu ecosystem. You can utilize ZENT to purchase personalized images, reward AI companions, and participate in future in-platform marketplaces.

  • Earning Rewards

    You can earn ZENT rewards through various activities, including engaging with your AI companions, participating in community events, and contributing to the platform's development.

  • Governance

    ZENT holders will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Zentu through on-chain governance. This allows the holders to vote on key platform decisions, such as feature development and resource allocation.

Token Distribution

image genration

The total supply of ZENT is capped at 10 billion tokens, distributed with transparency and fairness:

  • Network Genesis Allocation (8.5%)

    This allocation ensures a healthy network launch and incentivizes early adopters.

  • Team Development (7.5%)

    This allocation supports the continued development and expansion of the Zentu platform.

  • Marketing and Ecosystem (5.5%)

    This allocation promotes awareness and drives user growth for the Zentu ecosystem.

  • Mining (GPU + CPU) (40%)

    This allocation rewards users who contribute computing power to secure the Zentu network and maintain its decentralization.

  • Staking (LP Rewards) (38.5%)

    This allocation incentivizes users to stake their ZENT tokens and contribute to the platform's stability and liquidity.

For a better understanding, please refer to the table given below.





In Percentage


Harvesting Period

Network Genesis

850 Million


3 years

Team Development

750 Million


8 years

Marketing & Ecosystem

550 Million


4 years

Mining (GPU + CPU)

4 Billion


8 years

Staking (LP Rewards)

3.85 Billion


8 years

Additionally, ABBC users will have the opportunity to earn Zentu tokens through mining and staking. In Phase 1, the ratio of ABBC to Zentu rewards earned as early adopters will be 1:1. In Phase 2, the ratio will be 2:1. In Phase 3, the ratio will be 4:1. In Phase 4, the ratio will be 8:1.

Transparency and Trust

ZENT tokenomics are designed to ensure transparency and trust within the Zentu ecosystem. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, providing you with verifiable proof of ownership and activity. Additionally, the distribution model ensures fair and equitable access to ZENT tokens, incentivizing participation and contributing to the platform's long-term success.


In this section, we unfold the comprehensive journey of the Zentu platform's development, delineating a step-by-step progression from its rudimentary foundation to its ultimate, feature-rich iteration. The roadmap, segmented into well-defined milestones, serves as a beacon, guiding both developers and stakeholders through the iterative evolution of the platform. Each milestone encapsulates a set of core modules, ensuring systematic enhancement, continuous testing, and value delivery. By following this structured roadmap, stakeholders can anticipate key deliverables, gauge progress, and visualize the platform's growth trajectory.

Milestone 1: MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Client-facing App: Basic chat interface to allow users to interact with the virtual companion without any deep context features.
  • Image Generation Module: Initial StableDiffusion-based AI generation system for basic image requests. No parametrization or manual quality checks at this point.
  • Blockchain: Preliminary Zentu coin development and a secure gateway for basic top-up functionality.

Expected Deliverable: An operational platform where users can chat with a companion, request basic images, and top-up with preliminary Zentu coins.

Milestone 2: Enhanced Image Generation and Quality Assurance

  • Parametrized generation
  • Integration of the face-swapping algorithm
  • Scalable image generation setup
  • Manual Image Screening Module: Interface for platform personnel to review generated images and basic quality assurance protocols.

Expected Deliverable: Enhanced image generation capabilities with preliminary manual quality checks.

Milestone 3: Advanced Chat and Memory Integration

  • Implementation of word embeddings generation
  • Vector database for word embeddings storage and lookup
  • Deep context functionality, and conversation architecture enhancements.
  • "Thinking phase" algorithm
  • Emotional impact score system,
  • Memory relevance and fading mechanism
  • Schedule-based memory triggers.

Expected Deliverable: Richer and more context-aware chat interactions with the virtual companion.

Milestone 4: Blockchain Enhancements

  • Expansion of the ZENT coin functionalities
  • Staking pools and other incentive mechanisms
  • User anonymized identity contracts.
  • Top-up gateway contracts.

Expected Deliverable: Robust cryptocurrency capabilities with refined image screening processes.

Milestone 5: Admin Control and Quality Feedback Systems

  • Administration and Monitoring Module: Platform analytics dashboard, user activity monitoring, and system configuration functionalities.
  • Quality Assurance and Feedback Module: User feedback collection interface, issue reporting system, and system health checks.

Expected Deliverable: Richer and more context-aware chat interactions with the virtual companion.

Project Timeline and Resource Allocation

The project's trajectory has been meticulously charted over an 8-month duration, ensuring that each segment aligns with our resources and capabilities. The structure of our timeline facilitates simultaneous progress across different project facets, streamlining the development cycle. The resources allocated are as follows:

  • 1. Project Manager
  • 2 Principal Engineer
  • 3 AI Team
  • 4 Blockchain team & advisor
  • 5 Backend Team
  • 6 Frontend Team
  • 7 Design Team
  • 8 QA Team
image genration

With this layout, we are poised to maximize the potential of each team, ensuring timely and efficient project completion. Some teams, like the Project Manager and QA team, will be continuously involved, given that their role is to oversee the work of other teams. As such, their specific involvement will not be explicitly listed. Considering the available resources and timeline, the following revised schedule has been organized to accommodate the extended time frame:

image genration

Month 1:

  • Principal engineer - Will lay out the architecture of the MVP and coordinate with the other teams for its implementation.
  • AI team - Will implement basic chat functionality.
  • Blockchain team - Will develop the initial Zentu coin.
  • Frontend team - Will develop MVP UI
  • Backend team - Will develop API that will bridge the AI models and UI.
  • Design team - Will develop the product branding.

Month 2:

  • Principal engineer - Will oversee the implementation and provide support for the MVP implementation.
  • AI team - Will implement basic image generation functionality.
  • Blockchain team - Will develop the basic topup gateway.
  • Frontend team - Will continue work on MVP UI
  • Backend team - Will continue work on API
  • Design team - Will develop the product's UI/UX.

Month 3, Weeks 1-2:

  • Principal engineer - Will oversee the integration of the MVP. Will work with other teams to ensure everything fits well together.
  • AI team - Will finalize and integrate the chat functionality and image generation with the rest of the teams.
  • Blockchain team - Will work with the backend team to integrate the topup gateway on the MVP.
  • Frontend team - Will work on MVP UI integration.
  • Backend team - Will work with the AI team, Blockchain team and principal engineer on integration and deployment
  • Design team - Will continue to develop the product's UI/UX.

Month 3, Weeks 3-4:

  • Principal engineer - Will start working on the final product architecture.
  • AI team - Will work on the enhanced image generation algorithm.
  • Blockchain team - Will work on expanding Zentu coin functionalities.
  • Frontend team - Will fix issues with MVP UI.
  • Backend team - Will start working on the Manual Image Screening module.
  • Design team - Will continue to develop the product's UI/UX.

Month 4:

  • Principal engineer - Will start working on the final product architecture.
  • AI team - Will continue to work on the enhanced image generation algorithm and work with the backend team on the Manual Image Screening module.
  • Blockchain team - Will work on the Zentu staking pools and other incentive mechanisms.
  • Frontend team - Will work on the Manual Image Screening module UI.
  • Backend team - Will continue working on the Manual Image Screening module alongside the AI team.
  • Design team - Will work on the landing page.

Month 5:

  • Principal engineer - Will oversee product development and provide support.
  • AI team - Will start working on advanced chat and long term memory features.
  • Blockchain team - Will work on the final secure topup gateway.
  • Frontend team - Will work on the landing page and the administration module.
  • Backend team - Will work on the platform administration module.
  • Design team - Will provide support for developers.

Month 6:

  • Principal engineer - Will oversee product development and provide support.
  • AI team - Will continue working on advanced chat and long term memory features, namely the word embeddings and preprocessing layers.
  • Blockchain team - Will work on the final user identity management contracts.
  • Frontend team - Will work on the client-facing app UI.
  • Backend team - Will continue working on the administration module. Will start work on the client-facing app API.
  • Design team - Not engaged, unless requested by the frontend team.

Month 7:

  • Principal engineer - Will provide support for the AI team.
  • AI team - Will work on the “Thinking phase," emotional score and memory fading.
  • Blockchain team - Will work on integrating features into the client-facing app
  • Frontend team - Will continue work on the client-facing app UI.
  • Backend team - Will continue to work on the client-facing app API.

Month 8:

  • Principal engineer - Will oversee the integration of different platform modules.
  • AI team - Will provide integration support for chat and image generation.
  • Blockchain team - Will deploy final Zentu coin and other contracts. Will provide integration support for topup gateways and user identity management.
  • Frontend team - Will finalize the client-facing app UI and provide support.
  • Backend team - Will deploy client-facing app APIs and services.


Zentu transcends mere AI chatbots, becoming a companion, confidante, and friend. Through leading-edge technology, it redefines human connection in the digital age.

Zentu's AI companions go beyond text, understanding, remembering, and adapting to individuals, fostering meaningful connections. Personalized experiences, like image generation and proactive engagement, cater to unique needs.

Built on a secure and transparent blockchain, Zentu prioritizes privacy and user control. ZENT, its native token, fuels the ecosystem and empowers you.

Zentu fosters a community passionate about using technology to enhance connection. Collaboration and open communication are encouraged, shaping the way humans and AI interact.


This whitepaper is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Please conduct your own research before making any investment decision.