Zentu Litepaper V1.0


AI and blockchain are integral in today's rapidly evolving world, addressing various economic needs. Despite AI’s widespread adoption, the challenge of creating a human connection with artificial intelligence remains. Enter Zentu.

Zentu is a decentralized application (dApp) that combines blockchain and AI to create highly personalized AI companions for real-time interactions across social media platforms. Its primary goal is to foster meaningful human-like connections through AI. With Zentu, users can communicate seamlessly across various social media and messaging apps.

ZENT is the native token of the Zentu platform and plays an important role in this platform. Users can use ZENT to pay for AI companion services and use Zentu’s native token to request personalized images and nurture a unique digital connection!


Despite the rapid growth in the technological sector, we tend to yearn for companionship amid busy schedules. Over time, individuals have turned to AI not just for answers to their endless queries but also in search of deep emotional connections.

With AI, people will feel comfortable in an impartial environment that focuses on solving users' problems with patience and advanced problem-solving skills. However, despite its revolutionary features, users often feel disconnected from AI. Zentu aims to solve this problem.

Moreover, Zentu also builds a platform for micro and macro influencers to integrate all their social media pages into the dApp so they can connect better with their audience and expand their reach through intriguing, engaging, and innovative content.


Zentu creates AI companions for real-time interactions on preferred social media platforms. They embody realism, empathy, and a deep understanding of user preferences.

In response to the modern need for genuine connections, Zentu is introducing an AI-driven platform that surpasses conventional chatbots. Users interact, request images, and foster evolving relationships via widely-used social media and platforms.

Addressing the universal desire for lasting companionship, Zentu leverages AI to offer empathetic connections, bridging emotional gaps just a message away.


Zentu employs the following three pivotal measures to accomplish a unique interaction, empower users with personalized companionship, and provide a leading-edge decentralized platform:

Image Generation

We employ the state-of-the-art StableDiffusion model to create stunningly realistic visuals. Through iterative refinement of random noise, we deliver high-resolution, artifact-free images.

  • Personalized Images

    Users define their companion's appearance preferences. Integrated with StableDiffusion, our AI generates images closely aligned with user desires.

  • Consistent Appearance

    Zentu employs a face-swapping algorithm, ensuring uniform facial features across all images and heightening immersion.

  • Quality Control

    A manual screening process evaluates each image, offering multiple variants to meet quality criteria. Any discrepancies prompt a new generation process.

Chat Functionality

Zentu's chat functionality establishes profound connections. Unlike conventional chatbots, our virtual companions understand context, preferences, and past interactions, fostering meaningful conversations.

  • Advanced Chat Capabilities

    We leverage word embeddings and vector databases to enrich chat interactions. These dynamic knowledge sources mirror human memory, capturing context and sentiment.

  • Long-Term Memory

    Zentu incorporates a "long-term memory" mechanism, retaining essential interaction snippets for seamless conversation flow.

  • Dynamic Memory Management

    Memories receive an "emotional impact score," influencing retention. This dynamic management fosters emotionally intelligent and contextually relevant interactions.

  • Proactive Engagement

    Zentu anticipates user needs through schedule-based memory. This demonstrates empathy, as the chatbot follows up post-events mentioned by the user.

  • Layered Conversation Architecture

    Zentu's chat mechanism employs preprocessing layers for context enrichment. A unique "thinking phase" refines responses for the most appropriate and meaningful reply.

Blockchain Security

Zentu and its native cryptocurrency, ZENT, ensure secure access to platform features. ZENT is built on advanced cryptographic principles, guaranteeing swift, secure, and transparent transactions.

  • Privacy-First Approach

    The app emphasizes privacy by encrypting transactional data. This ensures users can manage their funds with confidence and security.

  • Anonymized Messaging Integration

    To maintain privacy, the platform uses anonymized identifiers for social media and messaging integration. Returning users are recognized without accessing personal identifiers, enhancing security.

  • Integration with Messaging Apps

    Users can seamlessly integrate popular social media apps with their Zentu account. For enhanced privacy, the app offers a direct chat gateway, enabling interaction without linking to external social media applications.

  • Dynamic Pricing Structure

    Zentu employs a tiered pricing system for image requests, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making for users with varying preferences.


The Zentu coin (ZENT) is an integral part of the Zentu ecosystem that facilitates all the services one can opt for within the platform and ensures secure, transparent, and efficient financial interactions. ZENT serves as the primary currency for transactions to enable the following:

  • Accessible AI

    Zentu enables users to engage seamlessly with their AI companion through widely-used decentralized messaging platforms.

  • Crypto-Powered Interaction

    Users can utilize the ZENT coin to unlock exclusive features such as personalized chats and images.

  • Transparent Cost Structure

    Each interaction is priced in ZENT coin, providing a tangible utility for the cryptocurrency and ensuring transparent and predictable user costs.


Long-Term Memory

Continuity is a vital component of any profound conversation. The Zentu platform has been designed with this understanding, integrating a "long-term memory" mechanism for its chat sessions.

By safeguarding essential snippets of previous interactions in vector databases, the AI is well-equipped to recall past discussions, preferences, and shared experiences.

This stored knowledge ensures that users aren't burdened with reiterating information and promotes an environment where the AI can continue conversations seamlessly from prior touchpoints.

Memory Fading Based on Relevance and Emotional Impact

Just as human memories evolve, becoming clearer or dimmer based on their emotional weight and pertinence, the Zentu chatbot mimics this fluidity in its memory retention processes. Every memory chunk or interaction stored in the AI's database is tagged with an "emotional impact score."

This score gauges the emotional significance and potential sensitivity of the memory. Memories with higher scores are retained longer and approached with increased care during interactions, ensuring that pivotal moments or discussions are addressed with the right sentiment.

Conversely, memories with lower emotional weight might fade over time, mimicking the human propensity to forget things of lesser importance. This dynamic memory management not only optimizes storage but also ensures the AI's interactions are emotionally intelligent and contextually apt.

Proactive Engagement

Zentu goes beyond reactive responses. Harnessing the intricacies of schedule-based memories, the platform ensures the virtual companion remains in sync with the user's life events. If a user mentions an upcoming significant event, such as a test or interview, the system flags this information.

With an acute awareness of time, the chatbot is triggered by the platform to proactively check in with the user post-event, inquiring about outcomes or offering support. This not only demonstrates empathy but also reinforces the idea of a companion that genuinely cares and is attuned to the user's life.

Such features transition the platform from being a mere interaction tool to a genuine digital confidant.

Preprocessing Layers and the "Thinking Phase"

The intricacy of Zentu's chat mechanism can be attributed to its layered conversation architecture. Initially, the user's input undergoes a series of preprocessing layers.

These layers filter, refine, and augment the input with context from the AI's memory, ensuring the core LLM (Language Learning Model) receives the most context-rich input possible.

Beyond this, the platform incorporates a unique "thinking phase" — a set of rapid iterative hits to the LLM. This phase allows the AI to evaluate multiple potential responses, optimizing for the most appropriate, context-aware, and meaningful reply to the user.


Zentu’s roadmap is divided into different milestones, providing developers and stakeholders with a clear understanding of the project's progress. These milestones signify the accomplishments and advancements Zentu will achieve over time.

Milestone 1: MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Client-facing App: Basic chat interface interaction with the virtual companion
  • Image Generation Module: Initial StableDiffusion-based AI generation for image requests
  • Blockchain: Preliminary ZENT development and a secure gateway for basic functionality

Milestone 2: Enhanced Image Generation and Quality Assurance

  • Parametrized generation
  • Integration of the face-swapping algorithm
  • Scalable image generation setup
  • The manual image screening module

Milestone 3: Advanced Chat and Memory Integration

  • Implementation of word embedding generation
  • Vector database for word embedding storage and lookup
  • Deep context functionality and conversation architecture enhancements
  • "Thinking phase" algorithm
  • Emotional impact score system
  • Memory relevance and fading mechanisms
  • Schedule-based memory triggers

Milestone 4: Blockchain Enhancements

  • Expansion of the ZENT coin’s functionalities
  • Staking pools and other incentive mechanisms
  • User-anonymized identity contracts
  • Top-up gateway contracts

Milestone 5: Admin Control and Quality Feedback Systems

  • Administration and Monitoring Module
  • Quality Assurance and Feedback Module


Zentu aims to assist society in building unique connections in our fast-paced lifestyles. Its innovative features seamlessly integrate AI and blockchain into its system, allowing users to experience meaningful relationships that closely mimic human interactions. By integrating AI and blockchain, Zentu hopes to address challenges arising from the limitations of human circumstances.